Credit Card Balances Out of Control? You Can Pay Them Off sooner Than You Think.

Let's get you started on the road to debt relief today.

First we dig deep to discover your debt situation

Then, we put together a custom program that fits your needs and gets you out of debt

Then we get to work, legally reducing your debt to a fraction of what you owe


  • Get Relief for overwhelming credit card bills 
  • Automatically see qualifying accounts
  • Enroll multiple bills, combine into one easier payment
  • Free, no-risk credit card debt relief consultation
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Meet our trusted agents




Director of Business Development

Throughout his career, he has helped enroll over 1 billion dollars of debt and counting. Today, he is responsible for affiliate training / support, client and partner management, among mentoring those who have the desire to follow in a successful career path.  

Debt Coordinator

Dezmund is a firm believer that people don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care. In addition to Field Training and Workshop Trainings at Affiliate Events, he is also responsible for overseeing the Enrollment Team as the Director of Operations.

Debt Analyst

Desiree is our debt analyst. She loves horror movies and listening to bands you’ve never heard of. As someone who’s gone through the program herself, she knows just how powerful it is to become debt free

We were so fortunate to have found Mediator Law Group when we did. The calls stopped. The interest stopped. My stress stopped.

Sylvie Aucoin, BBB Review


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Credit Card Balances Out of Control? You Can Pay Them Off sooner Than You Think.